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CARIWIG Workshop A Success

The Caribbean Weather Impacts Group (CARIWIG) held its inaugural workshop and technical meeting at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica this week (February 4-8, 2013). The workshop is part of CARIWIG’s effort to initiate and sustain consultations to determine community needs for the generation of quantitative climate information for climate impact assessments and the broader decision-making process in the Caribbean.

The two day event brought together 44 participants from 10 Caribbean countries and the UK. The participants included managers, technical personnel and policy makers from 25 national, inter-governmental and regional entities. The stakeholder consultation focused on some of the region’s economic lifelines: the water, agriculture and coastal resource sectors.

The two days of focus group discussions will shape the course of the CARIWIG Project, which seeks to create tools that will enable the region to reliably access locally relevant unbiased climate change information in a manner that complements their planning cycle.